This is no ordinary grinder
The traditional grinder concept dates back over 100 years. The aluminum teeth make cleaning difficult, causing your grinder to seize up and break.

*1905 grinder patent

Our grinder's design eliminates many of the tight spaces where fine material tends to build up.
It uses a stainless steel blade and patent pending wedge design to cut your herbs instead of mulch them. The blades cut 12 times in one rotation. One blade cuts at a time, making it effortless to use.
The interchangeable sifting discs allow you to choose the size of your grind. 
Use the supplied tool to expose the cutting chamber for easy cleaning.

The tool also doubles as an ash tray and allows you to replace the screen size.


The guitar pick scraper matches the rounded and flat profile of the pollen catcher.

The durable thread design ensures a smooth engagement every time, and the quarter-turn threads add a convenience not found in traditional grinders.

The high quality CNC machining and non-stick anodizing combines style with function. Anodization thickens and toughens the outer layer and converts the surface into a durable, corrosion resistant finish.