About Us


Lift Innovations' passion is developing products that people love to use. 

Our story begins at Canada's largest makerspace, where we often collaborated on product ideas and solutions. Grinders were a prime example of a product that had not changed in over a century and could be vastly improved. As we were discussing concepts for a new design, it became apparent that we had:

  1. An innovative solution
  2. A passionate attitude
  3. The appropriate skill sets

We knew developing the next generation grinder wasn't going to be a walk in the park, but we had an aptitude of combined knowledge and experience from the following projects (to name a few):

  • Converting electric vehicles & boats
  • Designing and building renewable energy turbines
  • Building snowboards

We agreed from the beginning that manufacturing responsibly was important to us. We chose to manufacture the grinder entirely in Canada, as an investment in our product, environment, and communities. Still true to this day, we:

  • 3D print our prototypes to reduce significant amounts of waste.
  • Use American-made, aerospace grade aluminum, and stainless steel. All recycled, extracted, and refined to tight North American standards.
  • Work closely with talented, well-paid professionals, who work in a safe and enjoyable environment.
  • Recycle 80% of the anodizing water, and properly filter out harmful products before disposing.
  • Operate digitally to reduce the amount of paper we consume

Join us in supporting the use of recycled materials, proper disposal of hazardous waste, safe working conditions, and fair wages.